5th International Open – Basler Karate Competition 2015


Individual Children Male and Female Kata & Kumite

Individual Cadet, Junior Male and Female

Kata & Kumite U18, U21 and U18+, Masters Male and Female Kata & Kumite U18+ Team Kata and Kumite


WKF Rules + several adjustments of the Org. Basler Karate Competition. (Shobu System, Consolation round with Montreal-System).

Responsible referee Ugur KOBAS (WKF/EKF-Referee )

Participation The simultaneous participation in two or more categories within Kata or Kumite is not permitted.

Kata Qualifying round with flag-system, two competitors at a time competing against each other.

Kumite The weight categories will be determined on the basis of the registrations. Weight tolerance: +/- 1000 g

Every participants needs to weight in before the category starts. Should the weight tolerance differentiate more than + 1000g, the athlete will be disqualified.

Kumite Fight duration Child U10, U12, U14: 1.5 Minutes real Cadets, Junior, U18: 2 Minutes real U21, Senior, Master: 3 Minutes real (Female 2 Minutes real)

Children U10, U12, U14 Head (Jodan): Touch is not allowed (neither fist nor foot techniques). Belly / Back (Chudan): Light touch of the “Gi” is permitted but not the contact to the body.

Equipment The equipment must be WKF compliant.

Compulsory Dental protection, fist and foot protection red/blue, Shin guard red/blue. Belt red/blue, Cup for male and Chest for female participants, Body protection for all athletes ( Cadets, Juniors, Senior).

Optional Body protection (U10-U14)

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Date(s) - 30/05/2015
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